143 cm


In 2019 Griffin starred in the role of Noah Bloom alongside Naomi Watts, Andrew Lincoln and Jacki Weaver in the upcoming feature Penguin Bloom.

Griffin was one of 11 children from St Martin’s Youth Arts Centre to collaborate with The Rabble Theatre Company in the creation of bespoke performance installation Lone,  which is experienced by one audience member at a time.

In 2017, Griffin played the role of ‘boy who discovered waterhole within the natural world’ in the National Gallery of Victoria’s short film The Pool. The film was part of an architecture exhibition by the same name which celebrated the significance of swimming spots in Australian contemporary culture. The exhibition was first presented at the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2014.

Griffin has attended St Martin’s in an invitational cross-age group for over four years. He has a keen interest in costume, character, role play and creative making. He has an inherent fascination with art and performance and brings a thoughtful, genuinely intuitive capacity to each and every role.

Griffin has a strong connection with the natural world and loves to swim, surf, skate and kayak. He is currently in grade 5 at primary school where his interests include reading, writing, drawing, playing guitar and singing.